The ugly history of progressive liberal leftism

The ugly history of progressive liberal leftism

What kind of political system starts with the goal of evading parental obligations? Then goes on to murder over 100-million people? Then sets up an institution designed to destroy civilisation?

Douglas Kruger, author of 'Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good,' tracks the history of progressive liberal leftism, from Rousseau to the Frankfurt School, helping to explain some of the toxic social movements we are seeing today: BLM, intersectionality, grievance culture, and a myriad of violent social justice causes that all pose as kindness. These forces were unleashed on our societies by the Frankfurt School, a group of radical leftists, whose stated goal was to overthrow Western civilisation in favour of Marxism.

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About the Author: Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger is the author of several bestselling books. In honour of excellence in his craft, he has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. He is a member of Mensa – the High-IQ Society, and he holds a degree in Philosophy.