Political Correctness is Marxism by Stealth - Interview

Political Correctness is Marxism by Stealth - Interview

There are two sets of answers to most problems in life: The politically correct...and the true. How can you tell the difference?

In an interview with Mike Saunders, of Business Innovators Radio Network, author Douglas Kruger details the little known history of radical leftist progressive culture, and modern-day political correctness.

Douglas is the author of the global new book, 'Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good - How to Identify, Debunk and Dismantle Dangerous Ideas.'

Meet him at www.breakingwoke.com.

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About the Author: Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger is the author of several bestselling books. In honour of excellence in his craft, he has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. He is a member of Mensa – the High-IQ Society, and he holds a degree in Philosophy.