Political Correctness and the next DARK AGE | Douglas Kruger

Political Correctness and the next DARK AGE | Douglas Kruger

A Dark Age is in large part defined by one generation's inability to transmit its values to the next. Are we headed for a new one? Here are 5 chilling markers that indicate a rough road ahead for our children.

The Centre for Risk Analysis interviews Douglas Kruger, author of 'Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good - How to Identify, Debunk and Dismantle Dangerous Ideas,' on what's going wrong, and what good people can do to address it.

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About the Author: Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger is the author of several bestselling books. In honour of excellence in his craft, he has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. He is a member of Mensa – the High-IQ Society, and he holds a degree in Philosophy.