Why this site?

Why this site?

Isn’t opposing Political Correctness kind of like arguing against human decency?

It’s a fair question. At a quick glance, it seems contentious to create a site and write an entire book against Political Correctness. Isn’t that just arguing against good manners and a liberal spirit of inclusion? Why do it?

I will demonstrate repeatedly on this site, and in the upcoming book, that this project should not be seen as even slightly controversial, though inevitably it will be received that way.

Instead, this approach merely defends a two-and-a-half-millennia-old set of values, hard-won by successive generations and refined through time and conflict. It argues very simple points, such as that:

  • science is valid, and does not change based on social fads
  • democracy is valuable, and must not give way to a tyranny of the minority
  • human rights matter, which entails that property and rule-of law must be inviolable
  • each individual should enjoy freedom of conscience, including the right to object to practices they deem immoral in line with their faith
  • good economic policies are desirable while Marxist policies are undesirable, and must be actively opposed; and
  • that certain societal values exist for a reason, and cannot simply be discarded in the interests of ‘not offending.’

Above all, the point is that justice is important.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Justice and social justice are generally not the same thin. In many instances, they are mutually exclusive ideas. You cannot argue in favour of a generalized ‘demographic’ without violating the rights of specific individuals.

To make these points, I will demonstrate how Political Correctness is the enemy: of truth, of science, of democracy, of justice, of freedom-of-conscience, and of the entire Western tradition of values; a system by which the individual is held to be inviolable, and objective truth, not relativist narratives, is deemed paramount.

Political Correctness is not a kindly solution.

It is not a mere balm, easing the social tensions of complex new societies, which must now cope with diversity. Instead, it is the newcomer, the interloper, the usurper. It is a breaker of healthy societies. It is not at all the logical set of self-evident values that is just right for our times. Rather, it is poisonous, generating more division and conflict than it resolves. Most importantly, it is incompatible with concepts like science and justice.

To write a book in defense of such concepts as science, justice, truth and human rights should be the least controversial project imaginable.

So why isn’t it? Or better stated, why isn’t it anymore?

The answer is: because something has changed. And it is a change for the worse, not the better, as I will repeatedly attempt to show. It is a change that does more harm than good, and we need to undo it. This book contributes to that goal, and helps you to understand how you can contribute too. My goal is to help you to articulate what is wrong with Political Correctness, and to oppose it where you see it doing damage.

If this all seems new and alien to you, I will argue that it is because you have grown up in this generation, and not the one immediately preceding it…or any other generation all the way back to the ancient Greeks.

I will argue that this generation has got some important fundamentals desperately wrong, all in the name of what they perceive to be kindness, and that the consequences of their misplaced kindness are dire. Still, I will not encourage you to quash your kindness. Far from it. I will encourage you to redirect your kindness in ways that actually help people, rather than harming them. We are fundamentally on the side of humanity – we merely think PC ideology is the wrong answer to every important question of care.

Will this site defend some unhinged right-wing Nazi racism? Or oppressive chauvinism? Or some genetic theory of racial superiority and privileged elites?

Not even close. I abhor as immoral every one of those terms.

If my personal ideology interests you, I am a Christian Conservative, and I count among my cultural heritage the Christian Conservative Abraham Lincoln, who fought and helped to overthrow slavery, the Christian conservative Winston Churchill, who fought and defeated Nazism, and the Christian Conservative Ronald Reagan, who fought and helped to overthrow Communism.

We are not here to discuss race, other than insofar as Political Correctness stokes the fires of racism by using it as a weapon of discord. No, we are here to discuss universal ideas, and it should make no difference who holds them. It is the principles we are after. Principles of love, truth and justice. Principles of science, objectivity and legal equality. Principles of democracy and of moral goodness. That’s what we want.

So, welcome to the least controversial, most controversial site around. I ask only two things of you:

  1. Keep an open mind and hear the logic. 
  2. Prioritize the kind of love that protects others, the kind of truth that is scientifically verifiable, and the welfare of people in general and society at large.

    If we can agree on those principles, we’ll get along just fine.


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        Douglas Kruger
        Douglas Kruger is the author of several bestselling books. In honour of excellence in his craft, he has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. He is a member of Mensa – the High-IQ Society, and he holds a degree in Philosophy.